Legal Profession Act & Ethics Committee

The Legal Profession Act & Ethics Committee meets to address a wide range of issues relating to the application of the Legal Profession Act, legal ethics, and professional standards. Matters are either referred to it by the Executive or brought by other committees.

Recent issues addressed by the committee include:

  • witnessing and execution of documents in ‘lockdown’
  • requirements for the supervision of staff working remotely
  • the requirements of the Legal Profession Act s.223 directions to deal with trust funds.

Although the committee receives many questions from members, the committee’s role is not to assess the application of the Rules on a given matter, but to guide practitioners, where appropriate, to the factors they should consider when determining their next steps. This can include helping practitioners to identify when they should engage an independent legal adviser, rather than seeking the views or judgement of the committee.

You can contact the committee directly through the Law Society's Committee Administrator on


  • Mark Love (Chair)
  • Paul Armarego
  • John Buxton
  • Owen Harris
  • Athol Opas
  • Anna Reynhout
  • Gerald Santucci
  • Di Simpson
  • Ross Watch
  • Staff: Rob Reis (Professional Standards Manager)