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The Law Society and its services  

The Society’s role in the ACT community is to represent, advance, and defend the interests of an independent legal profession in the ACT.

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Law Society governance  

The Law Society is governed by the Council, led by the President, and supported by our staff team.

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Law Society committees  

Our committees look at proposed legislation, legal practice, access to justice, and the fairness and efficiency of the administration of jus...

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Media releases, news, publications, and speeches.

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The Law Society administers four major awards as well as other prizes and trophies.

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Annual reports, magazines and newsletters, and advertising.

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Law Week  

Law Week’s goal is to promote public understanding of the law and its role in society.

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Join the Society  

People wishing to join the ACT Law Society can do so either as Solicitor members or Associate members.

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Contact us  

How to contact the Law Society, and the location of the ACT Settlements Office.

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+ Accessibility statement  

The Law Society strives to ensure its services are accessible to people with disabilities.

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+ Privacy policy  

The Law Society gathers and, in some cases, retains personal information from its members and from members of the general public.

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+ Terms and conditions  

Terms and conditions relating to purchasing event tickets from the Law Society.

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