Law Society committees

The Law Society has established a range of committees made up of volunteers with relevant subject matter expertise and experience to support our purpose and strategic goals.

Members are encouraged to email for any issues related to their practice area for discussion at committee meetings, this includes suggestions for CPDs, feedback or suggestions on policy and law reform issues and/or or court procedures or other processes.

To read about how the Law Society's committees are contributing in the areas of policy, law reform, and practise, view our monthly policy updates page here.


The Civil Litigation Committee monitors issues in relation to civil law and civil claim procedures, and provides input to law reform proposals affecting aspects of civil litigation. The committee considers the impact on the profession, clients and the community including access to justice and as required assists in the development of education for the profession and community.      

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The Criminal Law Committee monitors and provides input on criminal law reforms in the ACT and works to promote the administration of justice and the development and improvement of law in the local region. The committee considers the impact on the profession, clients and the community including access to justice and as required assists in the development of education for the profession and community.

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The Elder and Succession Law Committee monitors legislative changes in relation to elder and succession law and initiates proactive law reform proposals. The committee identifies education, tools and advice to support issues faced by practitioners and seeks to inform and educate the public on relevant areas of elder and succession law.


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The Employment Law Committee focuses on industrial relations and employment law issues in the ACT. The committee responds to employment law reform proposals affecting the ACT (with a focus on those where the Society is likely to be most impactful), and educates the profession in relevant employment law topics.

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The Family Law Committee provides relevant information on family law practice and procedure, provides liaison between the family courts and the profession, and organises networking and education opportunities for family law practitioners. The committee also responds to requests for submissions or comment, actively monitoring legislative changes affecting families and lawyers practising in the family law space.

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The Family Violence and Children’s Committee considers issues arising in relation to family violence and children who come in contact with the legal system. The committee discusses issues experienced by family violence victims, including self-represented parties, as they seek to access legal protections in the ACT. The committee also considers laws that bring about differential treatment of children as compared to adults. Committee members regularly contribute their insights towards law reform proposals, drawing on their considerable experience working with victims of family violence.


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The International Law Committee seeks to promote an understanding of international law amongst the legal profession in the ACT. The committee monitors developments to international law, and represents and supports the interests of ACT lawyers in relation to the practice, knowledge, and understanding of law in the context of an international community.

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The Professional Ethics Committee focuses on issues relating to the application of the Legal Profession Act, legal ethics, and professional standards. The committee responds to members' practice concerns and prepares guidance notes, delivers seminars, and writes articles to address such issues.

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The Property Law Committee monitors developments to property law in the ACT and provides guidance to help local practitioners stay updated on changes to legislation, case law, and government policy relevant to property law. The committee regularly engages in consultation on draft legislation and arranges information sessions to educate practitioners on changes to property law in the ACT.

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The Government Lawyers Committee supports the significant proportion of Law Society members who work for government at both the Territory and Commonwealth level. They focus on skills and career development, advocating for the role of lawyers in government and maintaining connections with Federal Government bodies, including the Australian Government Legal Service (AGLS).

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The New Lawyers Committee is a segment committee established to further the interests of new lawyers in the ACT. The committee aims to foster a positive and collegiate new lawyers’ community in the ACT through social events, CPD seminars, and networking events.

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