The lawyer/client relationship

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A solicitors' duties to their clients  

In our legal system, the solicitor/client relationship has long been recognised as a fiduciary relationship. The term ‘fiduciary’ means trus...

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What your solicitor must tell you  

Solicitors are required by law to inform their clients about how they are going to charge and tell them about their rights. This is called '...

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Other duties of solicitors  

In addition to their duties to clients, solicitors have other obligations under the law. As officers of the Court, solicitors must not only ...

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How to help your solicitor  

You are entitled to high standards of legal advice and representation and your solicitor must act in accordance with a range of legal duties...

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What is trust money?  

Trust money is the money entrusted to a law practice in the course of or in connection with the provision of legal services by the practice....

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How do I make a complaint about a solicitor?  

The Law Society has a statutory obligation to maintain and improve the professional standards of the legal profession and to protect the pub...

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