The Government Law Committee provides services and support to has a focus on government lawyers and private practitioners involved with government law, both Commonwealth and ACT, providing a forum for lawyers working in government law to exchange ideas and information. The committee coordinates social functions and training sessions and maintains a database of useful documents in government practice. The committee also administers the annual Government Law Award, which recognises outstanding contributions by a practitioner working for or with government. 

You can contact the committee directly through the Law Society's Committee Administrator on


  • Sarah Byrne (Chair)
  • Genevieve Butler
  • Athena Cains
  • Elizabeth Carroll
  • Taryn Donohue
  • Brian Kildea
  • Holly Matley
  • Kathleen Mccarron
  • Sanaz Mirzabegian
  • Rebekha Pattison
  • Adam Peppinck
  • Christine Plevey
  • Alyssa Royters
  • Mark Smith
  • Angus Tye
  • Masothy Yin
  • Alyssa Dunn* (Young Lawyers Committee)

* Guest

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