The Government Lawyers Committee is a segment committee established to support the significant proportion of Law Society members who work for government at both the Territory and Commonwealth level. They focus on skills and career development, and advocating for the role of lawyers in government. The committee also maintains connections with Federal Government bodies, including the Australian Government Legal Service (AGLS), and the Chair is a member of the Federal General Counsel Working Group.

You can contact the committee directly through the Law Society's Policy and Research Team on


  • Gregory Burn (Chair)
  • Jackie Antoun
  • Oneil Bernado
  • Andrew Giddings
  • Kristen Hurford
  • Melissa Kent
  • Kristin Leece
  • Ming Li
  • Kathleen McCarron
  • Shelley Miller
  • Sanaz Mirzabegian
  • Bianca Paridaen
  • Staff: Policy & Research Team

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