Elder Law & Succession Law Committee

The Elder Law & Succession Law Committee focuses on law reform, education, and community engagement in legal matters relating to elder law and succession law, including wills and estates, and powers of attorney.

In the last year, the committee has been involved in several substantial law reform projects, including:

  • submissions to the ACT Attorney-General in relation to the land tax treatment of testamentary trusts
  • submissions to the ACT Registrar-General in relation to the registration of Revocations of Powers of Attorney and aliases in Powers of Attorney
  • submissions in response to the Crimes (Offences Against Vulnerable People) Amendment Bill 2020
  • forum on Attorneys’ powers in relation to Medical Research Matters.

The committee has also published guidance notes on witnessing documents during Covid-19 and is also working on best practice guidelines for lawyers performing estate planning and for remote witnessing of Wills and Powers of Attorney.

You can contact the committee directly through the Law Society's Committee Administrator on committee@actlawsociety.asn.au.


  • Katie Binstock (Chair)
  • Glenda Bloomfield
  • Emma Bragg
  • Kerstin Glomb
  • Mabel Lim
  • Lynette Molloy
  • Tim Morton
  • Helen Phelps
  • Rebecca Tetlow
  • David Toole
  • Gregory Burn* (Public Trustee and Guardian)
  • Wilhelmena Corby* (ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal)
  • Kate Daley* (Justice and Community Safety Directorate)
  • Margaret Horne* (Dept of Veterans Affairs)
  • Gillian Hunter* (Public Trustee & Guardian)
  • Grant Kennealy* (ACT Supreme Court)
  • Fergus Thomson* (Council of the Aging)

* regular guest/representative

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