Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee is concerned with educating the profession and the local community with respect to the various methods of mediation and arbitration available in the legal process within the ACT. ADR includes mediation (including facilitative mediation, evaluative mediation, and transformative mediation), conciliation, collaborative law, arbitration, and other forms of negotiation with or without a mediator. Mediators may be lawyers, psychologists, counsellors, or other accredited professionals. The committee publishes articles and guidance on topics relevant to ADR, liaises with key stakeholders within the legal profession and the larger ADR community regarding law reform, and also arranges seminars to further educate the ACT population.

You can contact the committee directly through the Law Society's Committee Administrator on


  • Debra Parker (Chair)
  • Anya Aidman
  • Anca Costin
  • Daniella Fiocco
  • Melissa Haley
  • Ken Hubert
  • Ben Mason
  • Claire Naidu
  • Robert Routh
  • Carlos Turini
  • Kendall Wegener

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