Legal Advice Bureau

Do you have a legal problem, but aren’t sure how to proceed?

Are you in the dark about a legal issue, and aren’t sure where to go?

You can make an appointment to discuss it free of charge at the Law Society’s Legal Advice Bureau.

The Legal Advice Bureau

The Law Society has been operating its Legal Advice Bureau (LAB) at lunchtimes since 1972.

Members of the Society volunteer on our LAB roster at the Society’s Civic office to give initial advice to members of the public.

The Legal Advice Bureau is made possible by the generous support of the more than 70 lawyers who volunteer their time.

In the 2013-14 financial year, our LAB solicitors saw more than 1200 clients. The main areas of law clients seek advice on are property and tenancy issues, family law, contracts, and employment issues.

Operating Hours

The Legal Advice Bureau operates between 12.30pm and 2pm on weekdays.

Mondays, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays are available for all general legal issues.

Wednesdays are reserved for family law matters.


LAB solicitors are not available for the drafting of documents or for court appearances.

Only one appointment per customer.

Legal advice is given in person by appointment only. The Society does not provide legal advice over the phone.


To make an appointment for a free 15 minute consultation call the ACT Law Society on (02) 6274 0300.

After your consultation, you may be referred to another solicitor or, if eligible, to Legal Aid.