Unconscious Bias Fundamentals for Legal Practitioners

Why Unconscious Bias?

"Diversity benefits us all, and the time to act on these long standing issues has well and truly arrived" — Fiona Mcleod SC, President of the Law Council of Australia

The 2012 National Attrition and Re-engagement Study (NARS) commissioned by the Law Council of Australia made it clear that systemic and cultural aspects of the profession very often slow or arrest the advancement of women (and other diverse groups) to senior positions to the point where many are so frustrated that they leave for good. Australia’s legal profession is losing valuable talent and diversity of thinking that will be crucial to help the industry adapt in a time of significant disruption and change. In addition, research by leading institutions demonstrates that unconscious bias has a significant effect on our everyday decision making abilities in the workplace.

McKinsey & Co. in their Global Decision Survey found that a process which counteracts biases in decision making is up to six times more important to decision outcomes than the quality of analysis.

Addressing Unconscious Bias will help you to:

  • Expand and diversify your networks to drive revenue generation
  • Make fairer and more objective recruitment and talent decisions
  • Better recognise hidden risks and opportunities
  • Improve overall decision quality

About this course

Lawyers typically make a multitude of decisions daily, affecting themselves and others, and where unconscious biases are in play, the outcomes may be less than optimum and often contrary to your beliefs and intent.

In this interactive course practitioners will learn about the concept of unconscious bias, how it affects their business and industry, and equip themselves with tools to increase their effectiveness in decision making situations. Videos, case studies and revealing questions engage the learner in this relevant and fast paced program.

Completing this one-hour module will allow you to claim 1 unit in ANY of these CPD categories:

  • Business and Professional Skills; OR
  • Practice Management; OR
  • Ethics & Professional Responsibility

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