law week

What’s Law Week?

National Law Week is an annual event held in May across Australia. Law Week’s goal is to promote public understanding of the law and its role in society. The theme of Law Week for 2017 is “Law and Justice in Your Community”.

Locally, Law Week seeks to raise donations for a Canberra charity. In 2017, ACT Law Week will be supporting the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre (AILC). The AILC is Australia’s only national provider of accredited Indigenous leadership education programs. Since their establishment in 2001, they have transformed the lives of more than 2000 graduates. The AILC is owned and controlled by Indigenous Australians.

Law Week events are developed to include people from diverse backgrounds, organisations and perspectives. The wider Canberra community is invited to attend Law Week events which include the Law Week Launch, public lectures including the annual Sir Richard Blackburn Lecture, a Mock Trial organised by the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions, and tours of the ACT Supreme Court.

Law Week is proudly sponsored by Lawcover.

For bookings or queries, please register online or contact Nicole on 02 6274 0308 or

Message from the Sponsor

Lawcover is delighted to sponsor Law Week 2017 and to support its objectives. Lawcover’s association with the ACT legal profession and the ACT Law Society is a longstanding and important one.

The aim of Law Week in promoting the public’s understanding of the law and its role in society, together with the charitable outcome, is something Lawcover is proud to be associated with.

We think that Lawcover’s unique position as a profession owned, licensed and regulated professional indemnity insurer not only gives us an insight into the practise of law, it also provides insight into the community the profession serves. With recent performance delivering lower premiums, policyholder rebates and improved and expanded services, Lawcover proudly acknowledges its position of not only being insurer of the profession, but being part of the profession.

As a consequence, our focus is to provide enduring insurance protection and claims prevention support to lawyers while promoting the best practice of law.

Thank you to the ACT Law Society for the work you do on behalf of the profession and for our opportunity to sponsor Law Week 2017. Our very best wishes for a successful week.

Michael Halliday
Chief Executive Officer, Lawcover