Latest Courts updates

Friday, 3 February 2023

Latest Courts updates

25/1/23: ACT Magistrates Court Enforcement Hearing List - Commencing 1 February 2023, the time of the Wednesday Enforcement Hearing List will change from 9.30am to 2.15pm. The list will remain on Wednesdays.

13/1/23: Federal Court of Australia - the Federal Court Legislation Amendment Rules 2022 came into effect on Thursday 12 January 2023. In very general terms, the Amendment Rules update references to regulations and the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. They also clarify the transfer of proceedings to and from the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (Division 2). A range of amendments were introduced to provide for greater rule harmonisation between the various federal courts, as well as the State and Territories. The Amendment Rules also improve the rules relating to examinations by a medical expert and limit non-party access to documents until after an initial case management hearing or a hearing (whichever is the earlier). Read More +

Court Procedure Rules: Members appearing in ACT Courts are reminded to familiarise themselves with the Court Procedures Rules 2006 before raising queries with court staff. Senior practitioners should also ensure that their less experienced colleagues are similarly briefed on these rules. 

The Court Procedures Amendment Rules 2022 (No 3) commenced on 1 January. The changes amended the scale of costs and also amended rule 6106 to allow for the electronic signing of documents aside from affidavits and documents required to be witnessed.

ACT Supreme Court

5/12/22: ACT Supreme Court - Criminal Case Conferencing blocks for 2023. Read More +

ACT Magistrates Court

ACT Magistrates Court - Civil Block Listing Periods and Civil Mediation Blocks for 2023. Read More +

ACT Magistrates Court - Criminal Block Listing Periods for 2023. Read More +


High Court of Australia

The High Court Amendment (Forms and Other Matters) Rules 2022 update references to the Sovereign and also implement the 4% increase to the scale of costs. The amendments to the scale of costs will apply in relation to all work done and services performed by solicitors after 1 January 2023. Read More +

Federal Court of Australia

The Court's new Referee and Assessor Practice Note (GPN-REF), provides guidance on the practice and procedure relating to orders of referral and orders for the appointment of an assessor, including the standard terms of such orders. Read More +

Legal representatives engaging with the Court via digital platforms must take all appropriate steps to ensure their technology is functional prior to a hearing. They have provided a set of instructions you can provide to your IT administrators regarding network and firewall issues, and how these may be dealt with proactively. To mitigate any issues in advance of a Court appearance, you can book a test call with Digital Practice. Read More +

Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia

National webinars designed to inform the family law profession about how the expanded Lighthouse model and associated case management processes will work can be viewed online at Read More +

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

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