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Friday, 25 February 2022

ACT profession welcomes new Magistrates

The Law Society today offered a warm welcome to the ACT’s newest Magistrate, and congratulations to the two current Magistrates on their newly expanded roles. 

“The Society is very pleased to congratulate Ken Archer on his appointment as a Magistrate of the ACT Magistrate’s Court, and as Canberra’s first dedicated Coroner,” said Law Society President Elizabeth Carroll. 

“The important role of coroner, which was previously fulfilled by all the Magistrates on an as-needs basis, will now receive the focus it deserves. Ken Archer, a highly-regarded barrister of long experience who has specialised in coronial work, will be a great asset to the Court.” 

“On behalf of the ACT legal profession, we also extend our congratulations to Magistrate James Stewart and Special Magistrate Jane Campbell on their appointments as full-time Magistrates.”