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Wednesday, 26 July 2023

ACT Legal Profession Welcomes New Supreme Court Judge

The ACT Law Society extends its congratulations and welcomes the appointment of the newest resident judge for the ACT, Magistrate Louise Taylor.

Magistrate Taylor brings over 20 years of legal experience, particularly in family and criminal law, having served as a specialist Family Violence prosecutor at the Office of the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions for much of her outstanding career. Since then, she has also served as Chair of the ACT Women’s Legal Centre and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Legal Aid ACT.

Having been the Deputy Chair of the ACT Ministerial Advisory Council for Women and serving as a member of the Law Council of Australia’s Indigenous Legal Issues Committee, amongst her other achievements, Ms. Taylor has demonstrated an ongoing engagement with community matters.

As a proud Kamilaroi woman, Magistrate Taylor was the first Aboriginal person to be appointed as a judicial officer in the ACT and will also serve as the first Aboriginal woman to be appointed to a Supreme Court in Australia. Magistrate Taylor is set to become a member of the expanded ACT Supreme Court, continuing with a majority of female justices.

“The ACT Law Society welcomes the appointment of Magistrate Taylor to the Supreme Court of the ACT. We note the significance of Magistrate Taylor’s appointment as a First Nations woman. We acknowledge and celebrate her outstanding leadership in the law and long service to the community” said President of Law Society Farzana Choudhury