Wednesday, 27 June 2018

ACT Law Society calls on government to prohibit claims harvesting

The President of the ACT Law Society, Sarah Avery, today again urged the ACT Government to legislate to prohibit claims harvesting practices in the Territory.

The Society wrote to the ACT Government over 10 months ago on this issue and is yet to receive a response.

“The Society does not support claims harvesting and believes that legislative amendment is required in order to prevent this practice in the Territory,” said Ms Avery. “The Society believes a similar provision to Regulation 24 of the NSW Motor Accidents Compensation Regulation 2015 should be included in the Road Transport (Third Party Insurance) Act 2008 (ACT) or its associated Regulation.

“While the Society has consistently offered to work with the Government to ensure the ACT’s CTP scheme remains the most effective in the country, it appears the Government is only interested in measures that will reduce the level of compensation available to injured people. Other suggested measures are largely ignored.

“Banning claims harvesting is of significant benefit, so we are surprised that this relatively simple request has not been actioned by Government.”

For further information contact:
Ms Sarah Avery, President, ACT Law Society, T 02 6274 0300