The Council is the governing body of the ACT Law Society. Councillors are elected by the membership of the Society and members are declared at the Society’s AGM in September each year. Council convenes once a month. It comprises 15 elected members and the Immediate Past President. In addition, there are five Council-appointed observers from related organisations (the Justice & Community Safety Directorate, the Women Lawyers Association of the ACT, our Young Lawyers Committee, Australian National University School of Law, University of Canberra School of Law, and the Association of Corporate Counsel). The Constitution of the Society vests the Council with the responsibility for the management of the Society’s affairs, including income and property.

The Executive consists of five elected members, the Immediate Past President and a member appointed by the Council. The Council has delegated to the Executive the responsibility of overseeing the administration of the Society’s activities and the implementation of Council policies. The Executive also considers applications for practising certificates and membership.



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