The Civil Litigation Committee focuses on civil law, civil claim procedures, and law reform affecting these matters. The committee updates ACT practitioners on important procedural changes by closely monitoring developments to the Court Procedure Rules and through its representation on the Joint Rules Advisory Committee by Chair, Richard Faulks.

Monthly updates from the Supreme and Magistrates Courts and the ACAT allow the committee to notify the Society’s membership of important procedural changes. The committee also provides consultation to government departments and other stakeholders on key pieces of draft legislation being considered at both the federal and territory level. Membership of the committee comprises experienced commercial and personal injury lawyers. The committee also benefits from continued liaison with representatives from the Supreme Court, Magistrates Court, ACAT and the ACT Bar Association.

You can contact the committee directly through the Law Society's Committee Administrator on


  • Richard Faulks (Chair)
  • Charlene Barriga
  • Walter Hawkins
  • John Henry
  • Kristen Hurford
  • Jesse Iliopoulos
  • Sarah McJannett
  • Paul Smith
  • Ellen Teys
  • James Treloar

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